We’ll be closing this site in a few months.

The essential parts of it – Martin’s video, Support and other links – will be transferred to  a new site. This will be produced mainly in line with a new company which will focus on distribution of our film One Last Spin. The film will be premiered in December. Then we aim to screen it at community events first in Glasgow, then throughout Scotland and possibly south of the border. After a run in film festivals, One Last Spin will be made available in the pubic domain on our new website.

We’ll also begin winding down our company The Machine Zone and its associated web and social media sites. It’s just not possible for two people to maintain the level of work involved. After four and a half years we think we have been able to make some contribution to debates. Certainly we have met some of the best people that there are. As well as countless individuals whose very existence has been life-enhancing, we thank those third sector organisations who have given us so much support.

We shall continue this site and related twitter account until domain and site hosting expire. As this site and Machine Zone wind down, a new company and site will rise! We think, and certainly hope, that by getting our film out there to as many people as possible we shall achieve a purpose at grassroots and community level. So it makes sense for us to focus just on that. There are so many things happening and beginning to happen in tackling gambling damage that we are well placed to offer a simple, clearly focused thread.

If you’re a community group anywhere in Scotland who’d like to host a screening, designed to fit with your own contexts, do get in touch. For now, the best place to contact us is info@gamblingwatchscotland.org.uk We’re also seeking directors and advisers for the new company. As we see it, the practical side of arranging screenings is pretty straightforward (famous last words!); we would hope though that each event acts as a seed for local citizen involvement and also offers clear directions for immediate support to individuals seeking help for themselves.

Whether you’re in Shetland or  the Scottish borders we look forward to meeting you at a screening. And don’t forget, if you’re outside Scotland you can also consider a screening. We also welcome expressions of interest from statutory services such as in the health and social care sectors, public health, local and national government, educational training and professional development, justice sectors, workplace and trade unionss, and anywhere where gambling harm is an issue.

This post is just a heads up. Much more to come regarding the film’s progress. We believe the film is immensely powerful based as it is on the human testimonies of those whose lived experience of gambling damage ouweigh so powerfully all the data crunching in the world. That, and the sheer professionalism, creativity and dedication of all the crew, actors, producers and director.

We’re not going away and there’ll only be a slow shift towards sole focus on the film’s distribution.



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