Our aim is to raise awareness about gambling harms. We are just two people so obviously we can only make a small contribution to much work going on elsewhere. All our energies and time over the past year have been in producing the film One Last Spin. This will be distributed across Scotland and beyond. It will be used in community events for the general public, at recovery community events,  in health promotion.

As a secondary aim we hope it may be useful for training and awareness raising for particular workers including trade union officials, Links workers, frontline community workers, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, politicians and so on.

Our aim is to make a small contribution to raising awareness about gambling harms.

Awareness raising is needed for many specific groups such as health workers, teachers, politicians, and al those concerned with enhancing well-being and flourishing for individuals. We provide some links, occasionally posts, retweet items from these specialist groups.

But our main audience is the ordinary person living in their community. This includes people who have suffered or are suffering from gambling harms. The larger ‘wider community’ is where we want to reach, to raise awareness, conversation and thinking around gambling. We believe that gambling harms represent a serious, largely hidden, ‘social issue’. In the same way that the high rate of harms caused by alcohol and other hard drugs is a social issue, and one need not be a drugs user or be close to someone who is to be very concerned, so you can be concerned about gambling harms without having personally suffered or being close to someone who has.

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