One Last Spin:






We’re thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Amanda Lehmann’s song, One Last Spin.

Amanda wrote and recorded this to go with our film documentary about gambling harms. She’d learned about the extent of the issue following an interview with Sylvia Fountain . Sylvia, a music radio presenter at Puritans Radio,  has become actively involved with raising awareness herself, and she put us in touch with Amanda. Sylvia had interviewed John Myers who is also in our film where he relates the devastating impact of the death by gambling suicide of his son, Ryan. John put us in touch with Sylvia and Amanda’s wonderful record is the result. You will be able to hear it very soon.


Image by Dave Abbott

Amanda is a much loved and respected figure in the progressive rock scene. Trained initially as a classical pianist she fell in love with rock early in life.  She’s performed frequently with Steve Hackett’s band in studio work and at live concerts with her trademark red guitar. Last year she released her first solo album to great acclaim, see for example this review. Read more about Amanda at her website.

Like many people Amanda had never thought about gambling harms. She says, “I was not fully aware of the extent of gambling addiction before, and now I find myself noticing stuff all over the place luring people in, it’s very scary.”

Amanda has gifted her time and musical creativity to contribute to raising awareness of gambling harms.

We didn’t plan to get a top musician to write, record and donate a song which raises awareness about gambling harms. John (Myers) spoke to Sylvia (Fountain) who seeded Amanda’s commitment. You can have all the plans in the world but the so often overlooked truth is that good things emerge from just a few good people making connections. It has been about John being John, Sylvia being Sylvia, and Amanda’s being Amanda. So in a way, the story of the song is the same as that of the film. John, Kelly, Tony, Martin inspired a very skilled film director to give, like Amanda, his time for free. To that extent, they are the film makers.

We’ll be pressing cd’s of Amanda’s song, largely at this stage to circulate to radio stations. It will be online here, on Amanda’s channels and  getting plenty of airtime from Sylvia. Music, theatre, film  and other art forms are powerful ways to reach hearts and minds, and to express and share our feelings.


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