While we are based in Scotland, we have many friends in the rest of the UK who are working hard to support each other in recovery from harms caused by gambling. Like them, we also campaign to challenge things that encourage gambling, such as advertising.


We are very pleased to help raise awareness and offer sources of support at the Nene Valley Rock Festival. If a thousand people gather there to enjoy the music, statistics suggest that 65 will either have their own pains from gambling or be affected by somebody else’s gambling. At the festival there will be support leaflets available. This has been co-ordinated by radio presenter Sylvia Fountain of Puritans Radio.

Sylvia is passionate about reducing gambling harms. After watching the film we made, One Last Spin, she asked the songwriter and performer Amanda Lehmann to write a song to go with it. Wonderfully, Amanda agreed and you can hear the beautiful song here. The music video was made by a Scottish charity called COPEScotland. You can read about how the song came about here. Visit Amanda’s homepage too – especially if you’re into top notch prog rock!

Sylvia will give out leaflets at the festival and you can also download them here. We are a two-person community interest company called The Machine Zone who stage events in Scotland. We also run websites. On Gambling Watch Scotland you will find a lot of interesting information. You’ll also find places to go to for support and here. Many of these are UK-wide.

Gambling harm is very common. It’s perhaps less spoken about than harms from alcohol and other drugs but every bit as serious. One thing that stops people from seeking support is stigma – shame and guilt can make life intolerable. But please know that there are many,many thousands who have sought help and overcome pains and difficulties. It may feel hard to seek help but when you do, you have completed at least half of the journey to recovery. This applies too if you are affected by somebody else’s gambling. It can be very lonely but you will soon find groups and organisations which contain people who know the hurts. You will be helped by their compassionate sharing, experience and care.

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