Martin’s talk incudes references to suicidal ideation and attempts.

In this talk to camera Martin conveys with startling clarity the experience of addiction, being subject to the most extreme form of gambling harm. We believe that only the voices of people who have been through such intense mental and emotional distress can best help others gain some insight. Across this site we feature other testimonies from people who have bravely told their stories with the aim of increasing awareness, contributing to urgently needed policy develpment and giving support and encouragement to people who may are feeling confused, frightened and isolated.

Making clear beyond doubt that the diagnosis of ‘gambling disorder’ represents a severe mental illness, Martin’s words powerfully challenge stigma.

Martin is also a prime example of the many thousands of people who have been badly affected by mental health issues who go on to campaign for greater understanding and improved services, and to give hope to others.

Please give is your feedback from Martin's talk.

What stands out for you from Martin’s talk? Does he relate to your own experiences?

If issues around gambling harm are something you had never considered has Martin persuaded you to see how important a health condition it is?

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