We often include items about alcohol – for three reasons. One, many harmed by gambling are also harmed by alcohol. Secondly, user-led recovery communities are now including recovery from gambling as well as from alcohol and other drugs harms. The third reason is that some of the public health approaches to reduce alcohol harms are very similar to moves to reduce gambling harms, as seen in Alcohol Change’s manifesto for the 2024 general election.

This manifesto emphasises industry determinants such as marketing. It is salutary to look at the Drink Aware’s response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation on Restricting Alcohol Advertising and Promotion, March 2023 . Drink Aware (like Gamble Aware) is industry-funded. Alcohol Change refuses any industry funding. The Drink Aware response  may, to some readers, be seen to be  diagreeing with any proposals to significantly restrict marketing apart from protecting children and adolescents. Perhaps skilled researchers may find Drink Aware’s own research and recommendations relating to the industrial production of harms.

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