A March 2021 report from the Social Market Foundation presents analysis of the economic benefits of gambling to the economy and society. It includes the base agreed figures such as numbers employed and tax paid.

It concludes:

  • The economic analysis presented in this report is clear: while gambling supports tens of
    thousands of jobs across the UK and contributes about £8bn per annum to economic
    output directly, it seems very unlikely that this economic contribution is truly additional
    to what would have taken place if gambling did not exist. Indeed, with most other parts
    of the economy having more extensive supply chains, and thus higher economic
    multipliers, reductions in gambling expenditure through reduced rates of problem
    gambling would almost certainly be a net economic benefit as households instead spend
    money elsewhere. The Exchequer would gain too, as higher GVA and jobs in turn drive up
    tax receipts
    • This has strong implications as far as the case for regulatory reform is concerned. While
    some are calling for timid reforms – citing concerns about the negative economic impact
    of reduced gambling spend – our analysis suggests that this argument does not stand up
    to scrutiny once one considers the fact that problem gamblers would instead spend
    money elsewhere. Far from being a case for timidity, the economics of gambling –
    presented in this report – are in fact a case for bold, robust and significant regulatory
    reform. Done right, there is scope to both reduce the societal costs of problem gambling
    and realise economic gains.

For those supporters and promoters of the gambling industry whose constant demands for evidence may appear to be little more than based on rigid sloganising, one may await hopefully a reasoned, rational, evidence-based, data-derived response to the report which is here: Double-or-nothing-March-2021

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