I’m not currently struggling with addiction. But I am trying to diet a little, in particular lay off eating so much cheese – which I love.

Then today an advert appeared on Facebook from a cheese shop (Facebook never forgets where you’ve been!) and I can only describe what felt like a jump in my belly, very real and like an immediate response to a stimulus. I can prepare myself for going into supermarkets, get in the right mindset, but when my guard’s down, well, I want cheese!

I dare say most people find that dieting can be tough. One reason is that temptations and inducements are everywhere – especially these days in those adverts on screens, be they on television, or – worse – the ones that come up on a device because social media especially are continually harvesting information about you, your likes and dislikes.

How much immensely more difficult it is for people in recovery from alcohol or gambling addictions. As an obvious way to support people’s recovery, there has to be a significant constraint to industry marketing.

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