The Big Step is an organisation we’ll be saying a lot about on this site. Do visit their website. They certainly walk the walk, trekking hundreds of miles every year between football grounds, campaigning to stop the relationship between football and gambling. They’re partnered with Gambling with Lives, a charity set up by bereaved parents who lost their son to gambling suicide. Again, please visit their website. Both of these organisations represent the way those affected by gambling have set up and manage enterprises that raise awareness and offer support.

The reason we mention them here is that in Glasgow in October last year, a group walked between Rangers and Celtic football grounds, Scotland’s first ‘Big Step’.

One of the participants was Chris Lee, and in the video beloww you’ll hear him talk about how that walk inspired him to set up Chatter Scotland.


In this video, Chris Lee talks about setting up and running CHATTER SCOTLAND.

He also says a bit about his own recovery jounrey.

Visit the site. Read the great blogs and many guest blogs from people who’ve been there and through it. Send them your own story. Become a part of the great network. Get on board the Chatter Express!

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