This site is one of four run by The Machine Zone Community Interest Company. Sounds a bit grand but it’s just two of us working on a voluntary basis to contribute a bit to raising awareness of possible harms from gambling.

We work with some great individuals, grassroots organisations, Third Sector organisations (charities and other social enterprises), some official bodies such as in Public Health and the NHS. We even work with politicians if they ask nicely!

Adrian does some background stuff while Martin does all the practical stuff like working on the film (as Executive Producer), developing close ties with individuals affected by gambling, and liaising with media where he’s now become frequently featured on televsion, radio and newspapers.

Our biggest achievement is the film One Last Spin which took two years to make while negotiating big obstacles from the pandemic.

We received some funding from Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS in 2021 to contribute to anti-stigma work by raising awareness. We used this for building a more complex (and too complex!) version of this website which included another professionally produced film. We’re also grateful to organisations which contributed directly to the production of One Last Spin.

We receive no personal remuneration or other funding, and are happy to work, as so many are, purely on a voluntary basis. 


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