Our film, One Last Spin, will soon be touring Scotland, beginning in Greater Glasgow. The last couple of drama sequences will be shot in the coming fortnight. Then a month or so of post-production. There will be a trailer for the film very soon.

The aim of the film is very simple. It’s to raise awareness about modern gambling and society, and some of the harms that may arise. While we’re concentrating on community events, we hope that the film will reach particular groups such as teachers or health and social care staff. Also, of course, that it has a small contribution to make towards influencing policy makers.

While we all have individual attitudes to modern gambling, our aim is to get conversations going, let people decide things for themselves. There are many ‘stakeholders’ debating gambling, very importantly those who have suffered from it. Also included are those from various directions who believe that there needs to be adjustment to regulation of the gambling industry, and, for instance its use of marketing and advertising around sport. There are local and national politicians with a keen interest in the subject, along with medical and social welfare institutions. There is the industry itself. We hope that the film is relevant to all with an interest.

We look forward to working with you.


If you think the film may be relevant to your work and you’d like, for instance, to consider a community screening or an event with your members, or perhaps as part of a training event, please do get in touch with us at info@gamblingwatchscotland.org.uk

There are some suggestions about how the film may be used here.

There are some signs of growing awareness about gambling in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. Many different individuals and organisations are involved with this. Our aim is simply to add a little to this awareness growth. Gambling Watch Scotland as a website and a project will continue quietly to publish news about developments in Scotland, and any important items from elsewhere. But the vast amount of our attention is upon getting the film out there, and getting folk talking and thinking about an important issue.

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