In Scotland, the Scottish Health and Social Care Alliance Alliance established a special focus on gambling in Scotland. They have grown a network which firstly involves people who have suffered gambling harms, and secondly are developing a growing network of partners concerned about gambling in Scotland. The project has been running for a year and you can read more about it here.

They’ve been running a series of events online via Zoom. The focus is on inviting Experts by Experience to become involved in conversations that will genuinely feed into future policies in Scotland.

They’re very friendly sessions. Joining them introduces you to others with their stories, and some have gone on to form productive links with each other, becoming engaged with many ways of challenging gambling harms. The Alliance works closely with COPE Scotland. Both of these organisations have supported initiatives in the community.

There are more events coming up very soon and we’re all invited to take part. Click here for the dates and times of coming Zoom conversations.

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