We’ll have our work cut out in thanking everybody who has madeĀ One Last SpinĀ possible.

We’ll express our thanks over the next set of posts, starting today with the people who actually made the film (which included standing in cold fields at midnight!)

Ross Donald

Ross directed and edited the film. He oversaw the many complexities of organisation. To sheer professionalism and expertise he brought great creativity. Knowing him as we do, he probably doesn’t like being singled out and put ‘at the top’. Ross is the epitome of a team player who always plays for the team before everything. Nevertheless, we put him top because as well as everything else he kept in constant touch with us, generally at least weekly, and made us feel very much a part of things.

Anyway, he has to go top because we have a photo of him introducing the film at the Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow where the cinematic premiere too place on 19 February.

Check out his company website at And if you ever need a film making…..


Lights, camera, sound. Casting and actors. Hours of arranging details, unexpected problems, location searches and management. Sound mixing, specialist film colouring, music composition. Thank you to everyone who put so much into getting this done. And two fingers to the Pandemic!


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