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Raising Awareness, Challenging Stigma and Working to Reduce Harms from Gambling Upon the Lives of Individuals and Communities

cWelcome to our site. We’re two people who’ve been working on the issue of gambling harms in Scotland and beyond. As directors of a very small Community Interest Company called The Machine Zone we’re one small enterprise among very many grassroots initiatives and organisations that are campaigning to raise awareness of gambling as a serious public health issue, fight stigma and bring about change to help prevention of harms arising in the first place. We signpost places for support, and it’s important that you start there if you have run into difficulties with gambling yourself or are affected by somebody else’s gambling.

Our current work focuses upon our film One Last Spin 

We aim for as many people to see it in Scotland and beyond. If you’d like to watch it and consider ways in which to include it in your own work we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

We’d also love to hear from you about your own experiences and work, and would welcome your writing a guest post for this site.


One Last Spin: the film

In helping raise awareness we produced with Glasgow-based Reverie Films a documentary called One Last Spin. We hope to stage community and online screenings. You can visit the film’s website and in particular find here information about how to view the film with suggestions of how it may be used.

One Last Spin: the song

The wonderful song writer and musician Amanda Lehmann gifted us this beautiful song to go with the film. The way the song came about is a story in itself which you can read here. Amanda continues also to work on raising awareness about possible harms from gambling. Listen to it here and spread the word!

And visit it Amanda’s great website to find out about her.



We’d love to hear from you including if you’d like to watch the film with a view to using it in your own event. Use the contact form or drop us a line at

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